So you want to start a new blog? And finding Best Blog Topics for your new blog.

Then you are in right place Here I tell you Best Blog Topics that’s boom in 2018.

It’s maybe too hard for someone to choose a niche for his blog.

But don’t worry, I spend my 1 month to find these topics so I can save your 1 month.

First, see this infographic, here I discuss all topics according to Demand/Competition :

Best Blog Topics Infographic

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So Let’s see Full Details About This Topics:

20 Best Blog Topics To Start New Blog

Now after reading the infographic I hope you understand that which idea is suitable for your new blog.

So now see every Topic in Details.

Health & Fitness

Nowadays everybody wants to stay healthy. And many peoples do millions of searches in Google and other search engines.

You can start a blog on Health & Fitness and give tips to peoples on Health and Fitness.

Here competition is medium and you have the plan to make money with affiliate marketing then this is the best blog topic for you.

Reviews Softwares

If you have good interest in different-different applications and software then you can share your opinions with people about the apps and software.

Here you write articles on any software or services you use for ex. how it helps you and what is his pros and cons, etc.

Here competition is low so you can easily rank in google.

Self Improvements

Millions of people search on how to improve our self how to be motivated. You can create a blog on Self Improvements.

If you are interested in entrepreneurship and you want to share your entrepreneur mindset to other peoples then you can choose Self Improvements your blogging Topic.

Here competition is not very much high nor very much low. Entrepreneur is one of the best websites on this topic.

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

In future, AI is the heart of technology and all things are handled by AI. If you have a good understanding of AI then you can share your knowledge via the blog.

Here very law competition because of very few blogs on this particular niche. So you can easily rank on your targeted keywords.

If you have no idea to start a blog then I suggest you first learn about AI and after start blog on Artificial Intelligence.

Top Things Blog

Here you write articles on top things like top 10 fastest cars, top 100 ways to do this or that things, etc.

The competition is too high but the average search is also too high. If you are ready to face high-level competition then choose this topic as your blog topic.

Fashion Blog

In fashion blog, you can write about how to become fashionable and how to look professional. Here you can share your opinions with other peoples.

Also here competition is much high but if are capable to write unique content then this is one of best blog topics.

Here you can make a lot of money with affiliate marketing.

Gaming Blog

If you like to play different-different games and you play games with different-different methods then you can start a blog games

In gaming blog, you can give your opinions on games and if any game level is too hard to clear you can give ways to clear it.

Here competition is low for some keywords so you can target it.

Recipes & Foods

In this type of blog, you can teach peoples how to make different-different recipes. Also, you can share your opinions with other peoples on Recipes & Foods.

Here the competition is medium (Not high, Not low). So SEO for your blog is much easy and you can rank in google easily.

Travel Blog

If you love traveling and see the different-different places then you can start your blog on traveling.

Here write articles on places that you visit upload images of that places. Many people prefer to know what is the best place for vacation and weekends.

The competition depends on what you write if you write unique content about any place then you can do well.

Sports Blog

According to the World Sports Encyclopedia, there are 8,000 indigenous sports and sporting games.

So you can pick any particular game or you can pick more than one game and create your blog. If you start with all games then it’s hard to rank so start with a small niche.

Here competition is much high but you choose best blog topics (small niche) then no problem you can do well.

Education Blog

If you have good knowledge of Maths, Physics, Chemistry, or any subjects then you start your education blog.

Simply teach peoples about any particular subject and also here competition is low, so you can easily rank your website.

History Blog

You can start your history blog where you can write articles about the history. There are many history blogs available you can check it.

Here if you don’t know about history then you can read history books and gain knowledge of history. Once you are ready to teach then start it.

Here competitions are too high but you choose small niche then you can do well.

Law Blog

If you are LLB student or you have good knowledge of Laws then you can law as choose your blog topics.

Many peoples doing thousand of searches on this topic. Here search volume is not very high but competition is low.

Agriculture Blog

Agriculture is very large topics but very few blogs are available on agriculture so this is the best opportunity for you.

Nowadays many farmers are using the internet to improve his farming. And continually find new tricks and techniques.

Here in some topics, the competition is too high but you can do well if you choose a small niche for your blog.

Animals Blog

Many people have animals like cat, dog, horse, etc. And they are searching for topics like what is a good meal for it, how to train a dog and so more.

So you can provide all answers to your blog tell all things about animals. If you have your own pets then you know all how to care one.

Here competition is not high nor low so you can try. Niel Patel and Backlinko are famous marketing blogs.

Marketing Blog

If you are interested in SEO, SMO, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Etc. then you can choose this one.

This is one of the best blog topics and also the competitions are very high. Here overall CPC is much good.

But do SEO of a website is much because of huge competition.

Technology Blog

In technology blog, you can provide information about mobiles, laptops, camera and other gadgets.

You can share your opinions about new arrival gadgets. Here you can earn much money by selling affiliate products.

But here competition is too high so it’s very hard to rank in google in starting. But if try continually then you can do well.


CyberSecurity is one of the best blog topics and you can try it if you a good knowledge of cybersecurity.

Here competitions are low so you can do it easily. And in future, there is the very demand for cybersecurity.

Movies Blog

You can start movies blog and give information about new movies and a new trailer. People do millions of searches every day.

Also, you can see all new movies in the first-day first show and share your opinions about the movies(Make sure don’t give wrong information and don’t revile secrets of movies).

Competition is high but once you have a good audience who gives his opinions about new movies then you can earn much money.

How To Blog

In how to blog you simply give an answer to all how to questions and solve the problem of peoples.

There are many opportunities and you can write many articles. One of the best website in this field is WikiHow.

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