So you have a WordPress blog and want to learn how to clone or Duplicate WordPress Page or post?

Then you are in the right place.

Copy any page or post is too much boring and time-consuming process but with the WordPress plugin, you can do it in a single click.

When To Duplicate WordPress Page or Post

If you want to do some experiments on posts like how it looks or you design structure then you can try it on clone post or page.

You don’t want to rewrite the post or page structure every time when you want to create a new page or post.

Here step by step guide on How to Duplicate WordPress Page or Post.

So let’s start:

Install WordPress Duplicate Post Plugin

Add New Plugin

  • Install and activate Duplicate Page Plugin in your website.

Install Duplicate Post Plugin

  • On next step go into plugin setting.

Duplicate WordPress Page Plugin Setting

Here you see some options like this:

Duplicate WordPress Page Plugin Setting

  1.  Post/Page Elements to Copy: Here simply select things that you want copy during copy any page or post like Date, Title, Slug, etc.
  2.  Title Prefix: When you enter anything in title prefix it’s show start in the title of the duplicate page or post. For Example, If you enter ‘Copy Of’ in title Prefix and your title is ‘Train Dog’ then it shows ‘Copy Of Train Dog’ in the new duplicate post.
  3.  Title Suffix: This exactly same like title prefix but here change title suffix.
  4.  Increase menu order by: Here you add any number and this number to the original menu order.
  5. Do not Copy These Fields: Here simply that elements that you don’t want to copy in duplicate page. Comma-separated list of meta fields that must not be copied.

So set all options according to your requirements and click on save changes.

Now Let’s see:

How To Copy or Duplicate WordPress Page or Post

  • So first go to Post >> All Posts.

All Posts Image

  • Here you see one option ‘Clone’ under any post, So click on Clone to duplicate your post.

Clone Post Image

  • Or if you want to copy many posts then select all posts that are you want to duplicate.
  • Now click on the drop-down menu, select clone option and click on apply.

Drop Down Clone Option

(Note: All new duplicate post save in draft)

And this is an exact same process to copy any page in WordPress.

I hope you understand properly. If you have any questions you can ask me in the comment :-).

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