Hey, looking for a guide on how to start a blog?  Then you are in right place.

First of all, if you thinking I don’t know to code then how can I start a blog? No problem nowadays many cms (content management system) platform available(WordPress, Blogger, Etc.) and it’s free.

With this platforms, you can create high professional blogs within few minutes. I cover famous platforms to start a blog later in this article.

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The 5 Steps To Start A Blog

1. Choose Your Blog Topic

2. Pick Domain Name Your Blog

3. Get Good Hosting

4. Go With Cloudflare

5. Find Best CMS Platform

So let’s start with the First Step

Step 1 – Choose Your Blogging Topic

Many people already know that what is the best topic for his blog but many people like me don’t know the best topic for him.

I recommend you that choose a good niche that you have good knowledge and you can write good articles on your blog.

When you choose a niche for your blog to make sure you do enough research about that how much competition, traffic, in this niche.

Here are some blog ideas may help you.

Blogging tips to start a blog

Some other blog ideas:

  • Lifestyle Blog
  • Products or Service reviews
  • Family Blog
  • Gaming Blog
  • Travel Blog
  • Educational Blog
  • Recipes And Food
  • History Blog
  • Sports Blog
  • Politics News
  • Music Blog
  • Celebrities News
  • Personal Stories
  • Jokes and Humor
  • Global Warming

So select your blogging topic and goes to step two.

Step 2 – Choose a domain name for your blog

Once you choose a niche for your blog then next find the good and suitable domain name for your blog.

Choose domain name to start a blog.

The things you consider before choosing a domain name:

Short Name: Make sure your domain name is not much longer and it’s easy to remember. My means choose a short and sweet domain name.

Symbols And Numbers: Don’t use the symbol(hyphens) or any number because it’s hard to remember.

Your Name: If you want to represent your name as your brand or blog name then you can choose your name as a domain name (like neilpatel.com).

Keywords: You don’t want to use your name as domain name then try to use your keyword as your domain name.

Go with top-level Domain: Always buy a top-level domain for your blog. There are many benefits of the top-level domain. I recommend you that you go with .com because .com is very popular in the blogging industries.

If you buy hosting from Bluehost You get a free domain.

Step 3 – Get Hosting For Your Blog

So you buy a domain name for your blog and on next step, you require a good hosting to host your blog online.

Choose hosting to start a new blog


There are many companies in the market that’s provide you hosting but I recommend you that you go with Hostgator (I personally use for my all websites).

Go With HostGator:

Hostgator provides you hosting in $2.75/mo (If you buy for 36 months otherwise if you buy for one year then $5.95/mo) and its best for a new blogger.

With Hostgator, you get 45 days money back guaranty so if you don’t like Hostgator then you can quite it.

If you want to try for one month then try it with only $0.01/mo (Renew $10.95/mo).


Or try BlueHost

Bluehost is another big web hosting company that provide you hosting $3.95/mo (If you buy for 60 months otherwise if you buy for one year then $5.95/mo).

With Bluehost, you get 30 days money back guaranty.

And also if you choose Bluehost you get a free domain.

In a clear way, if you want to buy hosting for few months (Not for one year) then go with Hostgator otherwise go with Bluehost.

Once you purchased hosting the third step is optional but I highly recommend you that follow this step.

Step 4 – Go With Cloudflare

Cloudflare is one of the biggest networks operating on the Internet. People use Cloudflare services for the purposes of increasing the security and performance of their websites.

I recommend you that you use Cloudflare because it provides many services in free like free SSL, Free CDN network, etc.

Here below you find step by step process to activate Cloudflare on your blog.

  • First Go to Cloudflare website and click on sign up.
  • Simply fill the Cloudflare sign up form and click on Create Account.
  • Now simply enter your website domain name and click on Add Site.
  • On next step, it tells you to select a plan, here I recommend you that go with the free plan it’s enough for a new blogger.
  • After purchasing a plan it shows you screen like this:


  • If you have knowledge of this all things then no problem you can manage it otherwise simply click on all black cloud and change it on Cloudflare (Traffic will be accelerated and protected by Cloudflare).
  • On next step, it tells you to change nameserver, so simply login into your domain manager and changes the existing nameservers to Cloudflare nameservers(It’s simple).
  • Now it takes some time(Maybe 1-2 hours) to update the new nameservers. Once it shows active status then click on Crypto.

  • Here simply select Flexible SSL certificate and on this two services: ‘Always use HTTPS’ and ‘Automatic HTTPS Rewrites’.

Always use HTTPS


And it’s done`! It takes 24-48 hours to activate SSL certificate on your website.


Step – 5 Find Best Blogging Platform to start a blog

Okay, so we set up a domain and hosting to start a blog. Now it’s time to choose best blogging platform for your blog.

First I tell you that I personally use WordPress on my all blogs because it is best and user-friendly and I highly recommend you that you go with WordPress.

See this graph, this is a top 1millinos website market share on blogging platforms :

So here we choose WordPress as a blogging platform (Here I tell about wordpress.org).

Now it’s timed to set up a blog with WordPress so read this step by step guide on how to install WordPress and set up your blog on WordPress(Read this two articles).

I hope you understand all things if any questions asked me in the comment 🙂

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