Hey so are you looking for Best Wayback Machine Alternatives?

Then you are in the right place because here I discuss best Alternatives of Wayback Machine.

In the previous article, I discuss Best Grammarly Alternatives and it’s time for Wayback Machine.

Wayback Machine (Archive.org) is used for see history of an archived website and determine how it was developed.

Here is a list of some tools that work is the same as Wayback Machine.

Take look on this list of alternative tools of Wayback machine:


You can use the Archive.is as an alternative to Wayback Machine. It allows accessing screenshots and content of any Website or web pages.

With Archive.is you can save any web pages size up to 50MB.

Archive.is Dashboard


  • It is easy to navigate and simple archiving mode.
  • You can download or share the result.
  • Here you can save Textual Content, images, and Screenshots.

Visit: Archive.is


iTools is something different from other Wayback Machine tools because it is not especially to see the history of any website but it provides many other tools.

It helps you use the real power of the internet by giving you a clean interface to make use of many of the best tools of the Website.

iTool DashBoard


  • It gives you accurate information.
  • Also, you can check traffic and popularity of a website.
  • Very useful for analyzing your competition.

Visit: iTools

Domain Tools

Domain tool is a Best Wayback Machine Alternatives. It provides you all information about any domain name.

DomainTools offers screenshot based internet archive service for free and hence, it made the list.

Domain Research Tool Best WayBack Machine Alternatives


  • It gives you all the information about the domain.
  • Advance report is premium but it’s value for money.
  • The best tool for investigating your competition.

Visit: Domain Tools

Competitor Screenshots

This is best another Wayback Machine alternatives, Competitor Screenshots allows finding the historic screenshots of any website or any web pages.

This screenshots based web archiving service takes screenshots of millions of websites and web pages daily and adds them to its directory for access.

Competitor Screenshots Dashboard Best WayBack Machine Alternatives

  • It’s easy to use and find any website screenshots with a single
  • With its premium account, you can access all the historical data of any websites.
  • The free version is also best.

Visit: Competitor Screenshots

Alexa (One of my Favorite Wayback Machine Alternatives)

Nobody is in the marketing industry and don’t know about Alexa. Alexa is owned by the biggest e-commerce company Amazon.

It provides the complete history of a website and also its browsing details. Especially, it gives the information about website’s ranking and keyword research for competitive analysis.

Here you can also find data about the past visits, where it is frequently visited and the duration.

Alexa Dashboard Best WayBack Machine Alternatives


  • It gives a complete analysis of your competitor
  • Alexa provides you the past data with ranking and keywords.
  • One of my favorite tool to analysis any website history growth.

Visit: Alexa

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